Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Procedural Rules for the Irish Courts

Somebody asked me by e-mail where to find the procedural rules for the Irish Courts and here is my reply:

It depends on the court in question.
For Circuit Court, try checking the Circuit Court Rules as amended, published at
(Unfortunately these are not consolidated versions and the amendments only go up to 1998 -
you would need to check the print versions for subsequent amendments.)
See also

For High Court, try the Rules of the Superior Courts as amended
The main text is under 'T' for 'The' in the index -

Amendments up to 1998 are listed at
See also

Having got as far as you can with these, you could then try contacting a Registrar / Court Clerk for the court in question. (Some contact details may be found at )

The primary legislation governing the dispute in question may also say something about the issue, so watch out for that.