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Citizenship Referendum Information Booklet

The Referendum Commission's Information Booklet on the Citizenship Referendum is available at

Documentation on this referendum is available at

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Brief extract from the Refrendum Commission's booklet:

The present Constitution and the proposed change

The Constitution of Ireland currently has the following provisions dealing with citizenship:

Article 2

It is the entitlement and birthright of every person born in the island of Ireland, which includes its islands and seas, to be part of the Irish nation. That is also the entitlement of all persons otherwise qualified in accordance with law to be citizens of Ireland. Furthermore, the Irish nation cherishes its special affinity with people of Irish ancestry living abroad who share its cultural identity and heritage.

Article 9

1° On the coming into operation of this Constitution any person who was a citizen of Saorst√°t √Čireann immediately before the coming into operation of this Constitution shall become and be a citizen of Ireland.
2° The future acquisition and loss of Irish nationality and citizenship shall be determined in accordance with law.
3° No person shall be excluded from Irish nationality and citizenship by reason of the sex of such person.

2. Fidelity to the nation and loyalty to the State are fundamental political duties of all citizens.

Proposal in the referendum

You are being asked to vote onwhether or not the following new wording should be put into Article 9 of the Constitution:

1° Notwithstanding any other provision of this Constitution, a person born in the island of Ireland, which includes its islands and seas, who does not have, at the time of the birth of that person, at least one parent who is an Irish citizen or entitled to be an Irish citizen is not entitled to Irish citizenship or nationality, unless provided for by law.

2° This section shall not apply to persons born before the date of the enactment of this section.

Media coverage of the debate: