Friday, July 10, 2009

Recent Short Items (11 July 2009)

Data Retention Bill published -

Employment Agency Regulation Bill published (Press Release); (Bill)

Defamation Bill passed (Eoin O'Dell) -

Conor O'Mahony questions constitutionality of Criminal Justice (Amendment) Bill

Ruling sounds death-knell for public access to wills

Irish language legal challenge dismissed (via @gaelport):

Lawyers' letter protesting new Criminal Justice Bill (Via @ubfid)

Court refused discovery to Monica Leech

Ongoing legal issues re anti-acne drug Roaccutane

McDowell - lawyers should revisit the doctrine of the separation of powers

Call for apology to survivors of Magdalen laundries

FLAC - Proposed legislation on debt enforcement leaves "a mountain of reform left to climb" -

Search engines and safe harbours (T.J. McIntyre)

Trial by Jury to be removed for organised crime offences - Blog post by Fiona Donson -

Fixed Term Employment Contracts - Review of the Law

Judge queries value of orders against debtors

Fisherman opposed to laying of gas pipeline by Shell loses court challenge to detention

New law to allow courts to jail debtors who refuse to pay

Full text of Civil Partnership Bill

Civil Partnership Bill published

Shannon used for torture flights: Government must acknowledge and investigate (via @AmnestyIRL)

Challenge to Law Society on exam

Greens say Civil Partnership Bill does not go far enough

Woman with prosthetic arm forced to work 'out of sight' in storeroom