Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Events added to events page

A number of new events have been added to the events page at

Some examples:

Wed.-Thu. 6-7 Apr.'05: Annual Conference of British and Irish Law,
Education and Technology Association (BILETA) - Belfast

Thu.7 Apr.'05: State Aids and Taxation - Current Issues - Dublin

Sat.9 Apr.'05: Litigation Against Primary Schools: Strategies to Reduce the
Risk of Liability - TCD, Dublin

Thu.14 Apr.'05: Law and the Environment: A Conference for Environmental
Professionals - Faculty of Law, University College Cork

Mon.25-Wed.27 Apr.'05: Irish Data Protection Conferences - IIR Conferences
- Gresham Hotel, Dublin

Tue.26 Apr.'05: Refugee Law in the age of Globalisation - TCD, Dublin

Tue. 26 Apr.'05: Engendering Citizenship Debates: Migrant Women and
Reproduction in Ireland - QUB, Belfast

Fri.29 Apr.-Mon. 2 May'05: Burren Law School 2005 - Education -Empowerment
and the Law - A Contemporary & Brehon Perspective

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