Friday, September 03, 2010

Events in September 2010 and after

Events in September 2010 and after include the following.
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Thu.9 Sep.2010:
Subjects Before the Law: Membership, Recognition and the Religious Dimensions of Women's Citizenship - Cork,97939,en.html

Fri.10 Sept.2010:
International conference on Gender Equality, Citizenship and Multiculturalism in Contemporary Europe - Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, University College Cork

13-16 Sept.2010:
Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference 2010 - Southampton

Thu.16 Sep.2010:
The Future of Human Rights in the UK - Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission Annual Conference, Belfast

Tue.21 Sep.2010:
An Introduction to Energy and Environmental Law - Law Society, Dublin

Thu.23 Sep.2010:
Shifting Focus: From Criminal Justice to Social Justice - Dublin

Thu.30 Sep.2010:
Civil Partnership Act - Limerick

Tue.5 Oct.2010:
Keeping up with the Neighbours: Equivalence of Human Rights Protections since the Agreement - Belfast

Fri.-Sat.8-9 Oct. 2010
Canadian-Irish Family Law Judicial Conference, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

Fri. 8 Oct. 2010:
Criminal Litigation Update - Law Society, Dublin

Thu.14 Oct. 2010:
Recent Equality Decisions - Dublin

Fri.15 Oct.2010:
Women in the Criminal Justice System - Association for Criminal Justice Research and Development, Dublin

28-29 Oct.2010:
Annual Conference on European Migration Law - Trier

Fri-Sat.19-20 Nov. 2010:
Forgotten Rights, Forgotten Concepts - Conference as part of ICHR 10th Anniversary Celebrations - NUI Galway

Thu.25 Nov.2010:
Annual Family Law Conference - Law Society, Dublin

Thu.25 Nov. 2010:
Ombudsman for Children - Limerick

Fri.26 Nov. 2010:
Thirty Years of Irish Scholarship: Lessons from the Past, Visions for the Future - Irish Association of Law Teachers, Limerick