Friday, July 13, 2007

Family Law Matters

The Courts Service has launched its second report on Family Law proceedings, 'Family Law Matters'. This is part a series of reports which are a Courts Service initiative to shine a light on family law courts. The report provides information under four headings; Reports, Statistics, Opinion and Judgments. It includes an excerpt from a paper by Judge Conal Gibbons dealing with the reasons children are taken into care and by the Pensions Ombudsman Paul Kenny dealing with the issue of pension adjustment orders.

The paper by Judge Gibbons shows that of the children in care in Ireland 43% are as a result of a court care order are 57% voluntary placements. It goes on to show that the major reasons children are in care are:

  • neglect 1,386
  • physical abuse, 290
  • sexual abuse, 159
  • emotional abuse, 147
  • emotional and behavioural problems, 134
  • mental health problems / intellectual disability, 19
  • abusing drugs / alcohol, 9
  • physical illness/ disability, 8
  • pregnancy, 7
  • involved in crime, 4
  • other, 146

The figures also show that of the 5,060 children in care in Ireland only 442 are in residential care with the vast majority being in some form of foster care and with 32 being cared for at home under supervision.

The Family Law Reporter is Dr Carol Coulter.

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Advertising Law in the Information Age event

We've been busy running the third E Law Summer Institute. The Press release is here.

As part of the Institute, we have a guest lecture, open to all, as follows:

Advertising Law in the Information Age

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Wednesday 1 August 2007, 9.00 a.m.

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