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Events in April 2014 and after

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Here's the current listing:

25-26 April 2014:
Law Society Annual Conference 2014 - Dromoland Castle, Co. Clare

Tue. 29 April 2014:
Integrated Offender Management: pooling resources and expertise and creating effective working partnerships, ACJRD, Dublin

Wed. 30 April 2014:
Spying, Surveillance and International Law - ISIL, Dublin

Thu. 1 May 2014:
Annual Review of Important Competition Law Cases and Developments in the EU and Ireland, ISEL, Dublin

2-4 May 2014:
Twenty-first Century Justice? Burren Law School 2014, Co. Clare

Tue. 6 May 2014    5.45pm:
Regulating for Decent Work - Combating Unfair Terms in Employment Contracts, an address by Esther Lynch, Legal and Legislative Officer at the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and Honorary Senior Lecturer-in-Law at NUIM Law, NUI Maynooth Please RSVP to by 3pm on Monday, 28 April

Tue. 6 May 2014    12.30PM:
Nastasha Warcholak, Development Consultant, Visiting Scholar, TJI - 'How Conflict and Migration Affect Women's Rights in Central Asia', University of Ulster, Transitional Justice Institute Seminar, Jordanstown campus

Wed. 7 May 2014:
Intellectual Property and International Law, ISIL, Dublin

8 May 2014:
Constitutions and Courts in the EU: A tribute to Nial Fennelly, jointly organised by ICEL, ISEL and ERA, Dublin

Fri. 9 May 2014:
Conference on the enforcement of ESC rights, Trinity College Dublin, papers by Professor Sandra Liebenberg of the University of Stellenbosch, Professor Aoife Nolan of the University of Nottingham, Dr. Colm Ó Cinnéide of University College London and Dr. Paul O'Connell, SOAS, University of London.

Mon. 12 May 2014:
Data Protection Lecture, ISEL, Dublin

Wed. 14 May 2014:
Twentieth century law: 21st century problems - Professor Harold Hongju Koh lecture at Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, University College Cork 

Thu. 15 May 2014:
Seminar on Irish in the Constitution, Courts Service of Ireland and UCD Lárionad de Bhaldraithe do Léann na Gaeilge, Dublin

Thu. 15 May 2014:
Copyright Law for Digital Teaching and Learning - Faculty of Law, University College Cork 

Thu. 22 May 2014:
Lecture by Baroness Hale at Child Law Clinic, University College Cork 

Thu. 22 May 2014:
International Law and Trafficking in Human Beings: crisis responses and continuums of exploitation, Professor Siobhan Mullally, ISIL, Dublin

23-24 May 2014:
Compensation Culture or Accident Culture? Comparative Tort Law Reform in the 21st Century - University of Limerick

Fri. 23 May 2014:
World Trade Organisation in Legal Context: Challenges of the Past and Prospects for the Future - UCD Sutherland School of Law Postgraduate Workshop, Dublin

Wed. 28 May 2014    13:00:
Faith Communities and Transitional Justice, Transitional Justice Institute Conference, Belfast

Thu. 29 May 2014    4.00pm:
Anti-Money Laundering – An Update, Law Society Finuas Network, Dublin 7

5-6 June 2014:
Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights Annual Graduate Conference, University College Cork

11-14 June 2014:
Beyond Crime: Pathways to Desistance, Social Justice, and Peacebuilding, European Forum for Restorative Justice conference, Belfast

Fri. 13 June 2014:
Law in Action: Re-Imagining Clinical Legal Education In Ireland, UCD Sutherland School of Law, Dublin,202262,en.html

16-20 June 2014:
International Criminal Court Summer School 2014, NUI Galway

23-27 Jun 2014:    
TJI Summer School. Addressing Sexual Violence and Gendered Harm in Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings: Addressing Enforcement, Essentialism, and Masculinities TJI Summer School, University of Ulster Jordanstown (Belfast)

Thu. 4 Sept. 2014:
Judges, Politics and the Irish Constitution, Dublin City University

Law Society Certificates and Diplomas: 

9-24 May 2014:
Personal Insolvency Practitioner Certificate, Law Society Diploma Centre, Dublin and webcast

May to July 2014:
Certificate in Advanced Negotiation, Law Society Diploma Centre, Dublin and webcast  

May to June 2014:
Certificate in Banking Law, Practice and Bankruptcy, Law Society Diploma Centre, Dublin and webcast  

9-13 June 2014:
Certificate in Intellectual Property Rights Management, Law Society Diploma Centre, Dublin and webcast  

Sept. 2014 to June 2015:
Diploma in Law, Law Society Diploma Centre, Dublin and webcast

=== Taught Postgraduate Programmes at Faculty of Law, University College Cork ===
The Faculty of Law, University College Cork, is currently accepting applications for taught postgraduate programmes as follows:
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LLM Health and Care Law
LLM Intellectual Property and E-Law
LLM Human Rights & Public Policy
LLM Practitioner
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(There are further closing dates later in the year)
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