Saturday, June 24, 2006

Consultation on Plans for Restatement of Legislation

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The Taoiseach recently announced a two-month long public consultation process on the programme to restate existing legislation. The Statute Law Restatement Programme will make legislation more user-friendly and accessible by updating existing Acts to incorporate all changes made by subsequent Acts or Statutory Instruments into one easy to read format. Restatements do not alter the effect of the law in any way.

Speaking at the recent Public Affairs Ireland Conference in Dublin, the Taoiseach said that this process of consultation would be central in selecting which laws should be considered first for restatement. "Government needs to be alert to our changing environment, and that often means updating existing legislation. However, in some cases it has been necessary to amend Acts several times, usually over a number of years and in a variety of ways. This can make it difficult for both lawyers and members of the public to keep abreast of the current provisions of particular legislation. One way to make these laws more accessible is to issue consolidated or "restated" texts, which incorporate every change into one readable and easy to use format.

"Of course, many of our laws have been amended and revised since they came into force, and the Government will need to decide which laws have the greatest impact on citizens and business and, so should be approved for restatement first. Before we make that decision, we are looking for the views of the public, legal practitioners and any other interested party as to which laws they consider are most suitable for restatement."

The Law Reform Commission will conduct the Statute Law Restatement Project, under the guidance of a steering group comprising of representatives of the Department of the Taoiseach, the Office of the Attorney General, the Law Reform Commission and key Government Departments.

Submissions are now invited from any interested party as to which Acts should be considered for restatement and may be sent to the address below by 31 July 2006 in writing to:

Restatement, Law Reform Commission, 35-39 Shelbourne Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

By email:

By telephone: (01) 637 7600 By fax: (01)637 7601