Thursday, October 21, 2004

Events Page Updated

I have added a number of new events to the IrishLaw Events page at

These include:

Wed.27 Oct.'04: Implementing the New Data Protection Act: Practical
Implementation Day - Dublin

Thu.28 Oct.'04: Data Protection in Ireland: Strategic, Legal and Compliance
Day - Dublin

Sat.30 Oct.'04: Conference on Work/Life Balance - Irish Women Lawyers
Association - Dublin


Mon.1 Nov.'04: Five Years of BAILII - London

Tue. 2 Nov.'04: What Can the Law Do About Spam? - Dublin

Wed.-Fri. 3-5 Nov.'04: Annual Conference of Irish Association for the Study
of Delinquency - Cavan

Wed.3 Nov.'04: Sleepwalking into the Surveillance Society: CCTV Regulation
in Britain and Ireland - Belfast

Thu.4 Nov.04: Public Procurement Law - Dublin

Tue.9 Nov.'04: Employment Law: Recent Developments - Law Faculty,
University College Cork

Fri. 12 Nov.'04: Judge Costa, Vice-President of European Court of Human
Rights - Brian Walsh Memorial Lecture - Irish Society for European Law,

Wed.17 Nov.'04: The New Independent Garda Complaints Procedure: An Exercise
in Appearance over Substance - Belfast

Sat.20 Nov.'04: The Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004: Practical
Implications for Personal Injuries Litigation - Dublin

Sat.20 Nov.'04: Law Society CPD Conference - Dublin

Wed.24 Nov.04: Gender, The Acquis and Beyond: Gender in the Accession
Process of the EU - Belfast

Fri.26 Nov.'04: The Civil Liability and Courts Act - Dublin

Sat.27 Nov.04: New Developments in Probate and Succession: Implications
for Legal Practitioners - Dublin


Wed. 1 Dec.'04: From the Streets to the Prison Cell and Back Again:
Homeless Offenders and the Criminal Justice System - Belfast

Thu. 2 Dec.'04: Protection of Minors' Succession Rights - Dublin

Thu.2 Dec.'04: The Work of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board - Dublin

Sat.4 Dec.'04: Local Authorities' New Legal Duties: Implications for
Practice - Dublin

Wed.8 Dec.'04: Age Discrimination and Children's Rights: (II) Legitimate
Differentiation? - Belfast



Mon. 24 Jan.'05 (to be confirmed): The Supreme Court and Article 29's
"necessitated" formula - is it necessary any longer or needed more than ever
(thoughts on the implementation on EU Law in Ireland) - Dublin

Thu.27 Jan.'05: Medico-Legal Society Presidential Address - Dr Sheila
Willis, Director of the Forensic Science Laboratory - Dublin


Feb. 2005 (date to be confirmed): The Battle for the Skies - A
Transatlantic Common Aviation Union takes shape - Dublin

Wed.16 Feb.'05: Regulating Reproductive Technologies and Reproducing
Fatherhood - Belfast

Thu.24 Feb.'05: Children, Medical Treatment and the Courts - Dublin

MARCH 2005

Thu.31 Mar.'05: Whither Stem Cell Research? - Dublin

APRIL 2005

Wed.-Thu. 6-7 Apr.'05: Annual Conference of British and Irish Law,
Education and Technology Association (BILETA) - Belfast

Wed.20 Apr.'05: The Law of Murder: Myth and Meaning - Belfast

JUNE 2005

Fri.-Sun.10-12 Jun.'05: Gateways, Gatekeepers and Gatecrashers - Annual
Conference of British and irish Association of Law Librarians - Harrogate


Tue.-Fri. 6-9 Sep.'05: Annual Conference of Society of Legal Scholars (SLS)
- Strathclyde, Scotland