Friday, June 29, 2007

LRC Public Consultation - Dublin, 18 July 2007

Law Reform Commission
Public Consultations on Law Reform

The Commission is coming to the end of its Second Programme of Law Reform 2000- 2007 and has started identifying new areas of law to be included in a Third Programme of Law Reform, which will run from 2008.
The Commission is committed to ensuring that the Third Programme will reflect the needs of a modern society, and is seeking the views of interested persons and groups on the laws in need of reform. A number of Public Consultations have already been held. The first Consultative Seminar took place at NUI Galway in March and the second was held in UCC in April. The final Consultative Seminar is planned for Dublin Castle on Wednesday 18 July, from 9 - 1 pm. This Seminar in will also be the Commission's Annual Conference for 2007 and is free to attend, but booking is essential.
The closing date for the Dublin Castle Seminar is Monday 16th of July.

Members of the public can make suggestions for law reform verbally or in writing. The Commission is interested in receiving submissions on laws that affect the daily lives of people. There is no standard format for a submission and there is no requirement to use technical legal language. Please send your submissions to:
Secretary / Head of Administration
The Law Reform Commission
35 - 39 Shelbourne Road
Dublin 4