Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Forthcoming Irish Law Events

The latest Irish Law Update is available here.

It includes forthcoming events such as the following:

Fri. Sep 7, 2007
Preventing Ill-Treatment - Ireland and the OPCAT - Irish Council for Civil Liberties, Dublin Seminar on Optional Protocol to the United Nations Convention Against Torture (OPCAT)

Mon. Sep 17, 2007
Recent Developments in Medical Negligence - Law Society Seminar, Dublin

Sat. Sep 29, 2007
50 Years of the Treaty of Rome: Reflecting on Past Achievements and Future Challenges - Faculty of Law, NUI Galway

Sun. Sep 30 – Tue. Oct 2, 2007
Ireland, Gateway between the United States and the European Union - ABA Conference, Dublin

Wed. Oct 3, 2007
Obstacles to Harmonisation of International Maritime Law - Irish Maritime Law Association, Dublin

Sat. Oct 6, 2007
Equality, Legislation and the Constitution - Faculty of Law, NUI Galway

Tue. Oct 9, 2007
Consumer Protection Act 2007 - An Overview - Law Society Seminar, Dublin

Mon. Oct 15, 2007
Anti-Money Laundering Conference - IIR Conferences, Dublin
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Tue. Oct 16, 2007
Restorative Justice - Association for Criminal Justice Research and Development Conference, Dublin

Tue. Oct 16, 2007
Data Protection Conference - IIR Conferences, Dublin
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Wed. Oct 17, 2007
Corporate Governance Conference - IIR Conferences, Dublin
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Fri.-Sun. Oct 19-21, 2007
Politics and the Law - Political Studies Association of Ireland, Dublin

Wed. Oct 24, 2007
Residential Tenancies and Commercial Leases - Law Society Seminar, Dublin

Fri. Nov 2, 2007
The Impact of the Fight against Terrorism on EU Law - Academy of European Law (ERA) Seminar, Dublin

Thu. Nov 8, 2007
Environmental and Planning Law - Law Society Seminar, Cork

Sat. Nov 17, 2007
Law and Mental Health - Faculty of Law, NUI Galway

Wed. Nov 21, 2007
Criminal Justice Act 2007: A Bridge Too Far? - Law Society Seminar, Dublin

Fri. Nov 23, 2007
The Enforcement of National and EC Competition Laws in Member States: Consistency, Coherence and Diversity, Dublin
Joint Conference of the Irish Society for European Law and the UK Association for European Law

Fri. Nov 30, 2007
Troubleshooting Areas in Family Law Practice - Law Society Conference, Dublin

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Statutory Instruments 2007

Through Helen Mulcahy, our law librarian, I've learnt that Statutory Instruments of 2007 are now available in PDF at

Strangely, there's now a gap in public Statutory Instrument coverage:

The gap is partially filled by the IRLII index of Statutory Instruments, hosted here at UCC by Professor John Mee - see

However, as is well known, the IRLII Index can only link to SIs which have been published on Government websites, and so is incomplete.

A quick glance at the 2006 list on IRLII suggests that full text PDF links are provided for 36 of the 911 SIs in that year.

Commercial coverage of the SIs is provided by