Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Statute Law Database - UK

The UK's Statute Law Database is now available to the public at

This includes Northern Ireland Statutes
E.g. Disability Discrimination (Northern Ireland) Order 2006

An important feature of the database is that it includes many amendments to older legsialtion within the text.
For example, if you look at article 5 of the
Treatment of Offenders (Northern Ireland) Order 1976,
the version you'll see is the version as amended by subsequent legislation passed in 1978 and 1989.
The amendments are clearly noted in the footnotes and highlighted in the body of the text.

The electronic Irish Statute Book ( doesn't currently include this facility but it may come in a future version.

At least the electronic Chronological Tables, which include references to amendments up to 2004, are available:

Extract from a Help File:

"Types of Legislation on the UK's Statute Law Database (SLD):

"SLD is the official revised edition of the statute book for the UK in electronic form. When we use the term "statute book" in the context of SLD, we mean, broadly speaking, primary legislation of a public general nature.

"Most types of primary legislation made in the UK are held on SLD in revised form. Other primary legislation and secondary legislation from 1991 onwards is held on SLD only in unrevised ('as enacted') form.

"For pre-1991 legislation held and revised on SLD, the earliest version is the revised text as it stood at 1 February 1991 (the basedate). Legislation wholly repealed before the basedate is not carried.

"SLD has now incorporated the revised primary legislation of Northern Ireland previously published in The Northern Ireland Statutes Revised and its supplements. As the historical versioning of the Northern Ireland statutes will date only from 1 January 2006 (the Northern Ireland basedate), the unrevised ("as enacted") versions of these statutes enacted from 1991 to the end of 2005 will continue to be retained on SLD.

"We are still in the process of loading the unrevised legislation mentioned above onto the new SLD system. For information about the progress of this exercise, see New Legislation.

"Details of the legislation held on SLD are as follows:

Primary Legislation (Revised)
Primary Legislation (Unrevised)
Secondary Legislation "

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