Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cork Online Law Review 2007

Cork Online Law Review 2007


Foreword by Dr Carol Coulter, Family Law Reporter, Courts Service
1 Anthony Finegan - Asbestos-Related Injury Litigation
2 Eilionoir Flynn - Access to Services for People With Disabilities
3 Eleanor Leane - Principles of Juvenile Justice
4 Tom Flynn - Copyright Law in a Digital Age
5 Paul Daly - The House of Lords and the Government
6 Olufemi Amao - Reflexive Law and the C.S.R Debate
7 Ger Sadlier - The Success of the ECHR
8 Michelle Buddecke - Evolution of the Commercial Agent
9 Shannon Haynes - Statutory Rape Crisis
10 Pablo Cort├ęs - Adapting Irish Small Claims Procedure
11 Stephanie Switzer - US Efforts to Impose TRIPS-Plus Standards
12 Brendan Ryan - Jus ad Bellum in the Israel-Hezbollah Conflict
13 Ronan O Brien - Analysis of the Postal Rule


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