Friday, August 17, 2007

Irish Law RSS Feeds

For those who are fans of RSS feeds I've added two new feeds to the Irish Law Site cases page:

  • The IRLII Lastest Irish Cases RSS News Feed
    This feed has been on the IRLII site for quite a while now (about a year?) and is maintained by my colleague John Mee with the assistance of Micheal O'Dowd.

  • The Judgments RSS News Feed
    This is an experimental feed I created using (update 5 October: the feed now uses Unfortunately the headlines consist of the dates of judgments rather than titles, but at least when new judgments are posted on the site they'll show up in your feed reader.

A reminder of two other RSS feeds which we already have:

If you haven't heard of RSS feeds, a brief outline of how they work is available here.

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IrishBlog said...

Nice one ! Well done !