Thursday, September 13, 2007

High Court Case on Unmarried Fathers

There've been a large number of media reports on a recent High Court case concerning an unmarried father, Mr. G. The judge appears to have emphasised family rights under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
The full judgment doesn't appear to be on the Courts Service website yet.
[Update 23 November 2007:
The judgment is now available. The case is
T. v O. [2007] IEHC 326, Mc Kechnie J., 10 September 2007]

Here are some of the news reports:

Landmark Ruling on Father's Rights (RTE)

Unmarried Father Wins Right to Seek Return of Twin Boys (Irish Times)

Judge Calls for Review of Fathers' Rights (Irish Examiner)

Unmarried Father Makes History in Custody Case (Irish Examiner)

International Herald Tribune Story

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Hermes said...

Latest news is that the case is being appealed to the Supreme Court.The mother is expected to argue that she received legal advice as well as guidance from the gardai before she removed her twins from the jurisdiction and this indicated that she was perfectly within her rights.
Will be interesting reading when the High Court Judgement appears.
Apparently there is emphasis on the stable relationship between the parents in this case. The recent 'Sperm Donor' Supreme Court ruling (19/07/07)could not however claim the same?Both emphasise a growing awareness amongst the judiciary of the valued role of fathers in the welfare of children as both fathers were not even legal guardians of their children.The whole thrust of Irish Public Policy in this regard is to encourage the inclusion of fathers in the lives of their children.