Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Events in October 2011 and after

This is the listing of forthcoming events from October 2011 on.

For the live listing, see

Thu. 6 Oct. 2011: 
E-Discovery Ireland 2011 - Dublin

11-15 Oct.2011: 
ABA Section of International Law 2011 Fall Meeting - Dublin

Tue. 11 Oct. 2011:
Alternatives to Litigation in a Civil Society - School of Law, Trinity College Dublin, International Centre for Dispute Resolution and American Arbitration Association

Wed.12 Oct. 2011:  
A comparison of sanction regimes in Ireland, the United States and Canada - ISEL Competition Law Forum, Dublin 

Thu. 13 Oct. 2011:  
Annual Property Law Conference - Law Society, Dublin

Fri.14 Oct. 2011:  
Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System: The deliverables of the Department of Health’s ‘Vision for Change’ - ACJRD, Dublin

Fri.14 Oct. 2011:  
Current Developments in Public Procurement Law - ICEL - Belfast 

Wed. 19 Oct. 2011:  
The Law and People with an Intellectual Disability - Dublin

Thu. 20 Oct. 2011:  
Cohabitation and Civil Partnership: The New Law in Practice - Faculty of Law, University College Cork 

Fri. 21 Oct. 2011:  
European Union Law in Practice - Faculty of Law, University College Cork  

Sat. 22 Oct. 2011:  
Ireland's Human Rights Record Under the Spotlight: The Implications of the United Nations Universal Periodic Review - Dublin   

Thu. 3 Nov. 2011:  
Union Citizenship in Practice: Its scope of application, its impact on Residence Rights, Social Security entitlements and Immigration Procedures - ICEL, Dublin 

Thu. 3 Nov. 2011:
Annual Contract Law Update - Law Society, Dublin

Sat. 5 Nov. 2011: 
Insolvency Law and Practice in the 21st Century: Irish and International Experience - University of Limerick

Tue. 8 Nov. 2011: 
Juvenile Justice 2001-2011: Criminal & Welfare Concerns - Dublin

Wed. 9 Nov. 2011:  
Company Charges and Financial Assistance: The Significance of Planned Reforms in Law and Practice - Irish Corporate Law Forum Seminar, Dublin

Fri. 11 Nov. 2011:
Political Commitment, Practical Protection: Using the ECHR North and South - Dublin

18-20 Nov. 2011: 
Annual Conference of Irish Association of Law Teachers, Athlone

Fri.18 Nov. 2011: 
Reflections on the role of European Union law through the financial and economic crisis - Irish Society for European Law (ISEL) and the United Kingdom Association for European Law (UKAEL), Dublin 

Sat. 19 Nov. 2011: 
Genetic Discrimination – Transatlantic Perspectives on the Case for a European Level Legal Response - NUI Galway

Tue. 29 Nov. 2011: 
Enduring Powers of Attorney - Law Society, Dublin

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