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Louise Loughlin: Perspective on Capacity Issues from the National Advocacy Service

Louise Loughlin - Casey Photography 
This a summary of the presentation by Louise Loughlin to the Legal Capacity Conference 2016 at University College Cork. The summary was written by Joanna Ralston.

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Louise Loughlin is National Manager at the National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities.  The title of her presentation was ‘Perspective on Capacity Issues from the National Advocacy Service’.
Ms Loughlin spoke about how the individual can get lost in the process. Ms Loughlin was of the view that Ireland requires a cultural shift towards supporting decision-making and that there may in certain circumstances be a role for advocacy services to operate as decision-making assistants. Ms Loughlin raised the important point as to who is going to ensure that the voice of the individual is actually heard?

Louise Loughlin’s Slides:

Video of Louise Loughlin’s Presentation

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